68 minutes | Jul 26, 2019

Interview With Dr. Siobhan France - Life As A Physical Therapist.

Our first #Bodygoals and ConFITdence guest is a dear colleague of mine in fitness. We metthrough a facebook group online and built a relationship from there because we live in the sameregion and both work in fitness.What I enjoyed most about this conversation was all of the synchronicities between our storieseven though we chose different paths in fitness after being former athletes. One of the reasonswhy I reached out to Siobhan is because I read in my NASM training book about the importanceof creating a network of fitness professionals outside of fellow trainers so it made sense to reachout as I am building my local fitness resources.I know you too will enjoy listening to her story about her “WHY” for going all the way withphysical therapy and how taking care of others has been the catalyst for keeping on point withher own journey from figure skating to bodybuilding and more!You can keep up with Siobhan and also learn more about her passion for biohacking on facebook https://www.facebook.com/siobhan.france.7
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