29 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

#034: The Body is Wise with Cristina Curp and Laura Mar

Laura and Cristi are back with a new season of Body Wise Podcast. In this episode, they talk about the topics they plan to cover, from embodying a greater appreciation for our bodies to healthcare access for those in the trans community, body wisdom, menopause, and more. Stay tuned for more episodes! TOPICS:
 Catching up with Laura and Cristi (00:19) Integrating more body wisdom throughout transitions and into menopause (02:16) Body wisdom for the trans community (06:37) Honoring sexuality while aging and pursuing a more matriarchal vision (09:17) The healing that comes with sisterhood and finding community (13:36) Balancing the responsibility of birth control through body literacy (19:54) Rebelling against urgency culture and connecting with the earth (24:48) Plans for season two of Body Wise (27:34) RESOURCES:  Don’t forget to support Body Wise Podcast by leaving a rating and a review on iTunes. Get the show notes and subscribe on your favorite podcast app! GET BODY WISE: 

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