39 minutes | May 1, 2021

#033: The Value of Empathy with Michael Tennant

Cristina talks with Michael Tennant, founder and CEO of Curiosity Lab, creator of the Actually Curious card game, and community centered marketing organizer and creative. Together, they talk about the importance of empathy, how empathy fosters community and growth, and how to dismantle biases and confront the ego for better connection. TOPICS:
 Meet Michael Tennant (00:44) Making a change within an industry at odds with empathy (05:37) Making the empathy pledge a practice (11:15) Disrupting the ego, bias, and taboo topics with empathy (14:20) Daring to imagine a greater world (23:20) Actually Curious: the game (27:13) More from Michael and Actually Curious (36:40) RESOURCES:  Don’t forget to support Body Wise Podcast by leaving a rating and a review on iTunes. Get the show notes and subscribe on your favorite podcast app! Get more from Michael Tennant at ActuallyCurious.com and follow him at @actuallyc_rious on Instagram Make the pledge to spread empathy at We Claim One Percent and get your Actually Curious game decks Try the Actually Curious Values Exercise
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