38 minutes | Feb 1, 2021

#027: Auditing Your Lifestyle for Lasting Habits with Anya Perry and Brianna Wilkerson

Cristina meets with Anya Perry and Brianna Wilkerson to get to the core of how to set realistic, sustainable goals. They explore new year resolutions, why diets don’t work, and the types of habits you should focus on instead to get the results you REALLY want. TOPICS:
 Meet Anya and Brianna (01:18) How to create supportive habits (04:52) Common weight loss roadblocks and how to get around them (08:47) Why diets don’t work (13:38) Creating room for nuance and evolution (18:36) Viewing weight loss as a side effect of being healthy (21:37) Changing the mindset around your relationship with your body and weight loss (26:16) Setting resolutions that stick (27:44) The Healthy Body Summit (31:05) Get more from Anya and Brianna (35:48) RESOURCES:  Don’t forget to support Body Wise Podcast by leaving a rating and a review on iTunes. Get the show notes and subscribe on your favorite podcast app! Access the Healthy Body Summit Find more from Anya Perry: Check out Anya’s website Follow Anya on Instagram Check out Anya’s Facebook community Listen to The Habit Queen Podcast Find more from Brianna Wilkerson: Check out Brianna’s website Follow Brianna on Instagram Check out Brianna’s Facebook community Listen to The Sustainable Weight Loss Podcast GET BODY WISE: 

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