55 minutes | Nov 14, 2020

#022: Demystifying Therapy with Keesha Sullivan

Cristina talks with her therapist, Keesha Sullivan about all things therapy. From how to find a holistic therapist, to identifying programming, plus developing a better relationship with the ego and its purpose, how to know when to bring your kids to therapy, whether or not you can heal, and so much more. This episode is full of valuable insight that helps diffuse the stigma associated with therapy. TOPICS:
 Meet Keesha Sullivan (01:24) Approaching therapy from a holistic standpoint (03:41) Programming and the subconscious mind (04:33) Collaborative therapy (05:37) What is transpersonal therapy? (06:58) Identifying the ego and its purpose (08:09) The importance of feeling your feelings (11:21) What is hypnotherapy? (13:16) Therapy for children (17:25) Where solution-based therapy misses the mark (24:15) How to find the right therapist (26:25) What is PTSD and can it be healed? (30:15) Why it’s important to not “should” your feelings (35:17) Healing your relationship with food through hypnotherapy (40:29) Breaking up with a therapist (48:23) RESOURCES:  Don’t forget to support Body Wise Podcast by leaving a rating and a review on iTunes. Get the show notes and subscribe on your favorite podcast app! Contact Keesha Sullivan through her website, TherapistsTampa.com or email her at KSullivan.LCSW@gmail.com GET BODY WISE: 

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