63 minutes | Jan 9th 2018

#64 - The Beauty of Being a Misfit - A Manifesto for Everyone Who Doesn’t Fit In

Lidia Yuknavitch is a MISFIT and she wants you to know it’s OK to be one too. In fact, it’s necessary. In her latest book, The Misfit’s Manifesto Lidia and her guest authors share their stories for what it’s like being on the outer edges where you don’t fit in.

We layer the “outsider complex” with Body Kindness, discussing the “false fictions” people believe about our bodies and our health. How acceptance of the problems in our culture labeling certain bodies as “bad” or “wrong” (not that WE ARE WRONG) is valuable to move forward and feel our worthiness. Contrary to our beliefs, misfits are desperately needed in society. Our stories are a form of knowledge and we’ve been through trauma, adversity, and chaos that has strengthened us and we can help strengthen our culture too.

About Lidia: Lidia Yuknavitch is the national bestselling author of the novels The Book of Joan, The Small Backs of Children, Dora: A Headcase, and the memoir The Chronology of Water. Her new book is The Misfit’s Manifesto. Her acclaimed TED Talk “The Beauty of Being a Misfit” has over 2 million views. She is the recipient of two Oregon Book Awards, a Willamette Writers Award, and was a finalist for the 2017 Brooklyn Public Library Literary Prize and the 2012 Pen Center Creative Nonfiction Award. She writes, teaches, and lives in Portland, Oregon.

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