43 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

The Gift Of Struggle with Bobby Herrera | Ep. 24

I’m not sure if you’ve felt it, but I've been feeling and noticing this mood or appetite, or even both, for a more human-side to businesses and boards. I think the global pandemic has had an interesting effect on our psyche; in a strange way, being physically distanced from each other has made us recognise and appreciate the human connections that we do have when we come together in person. Particularly as boards have shifted to virtual board meetings, the value of what I call the human element in the boardroom and amongst the board itself, which was previously taken for granted, is being recognised as something that is of value to a board, its members, and the organisation as a whole. Working well as a group of humans takes investment and intention. My conversation with Bobby Herrera takes us on a journey from how our personal struggles influence our leadership and support the organisation, how trust builds value and one must proceed the other, and how bringing vulnerability into the boardroom can enhance your and the board’s performance. As you listen, I encourage you to reflect on your style of leadership, both inside and outside the boardroom, and how you can leverage the gift of struggle. Find out about Bobby: https://bobby-herrera.com Connect with Bobby on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobby-herrera-5781821/ Purchase The Gift of Struggle: https://bobby-herrera.com/books/ Watch Bobby's 'Bus Story': https://youtu.be/CYLHHg9A9Cs