23 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

Mini Jam #3 - 3 tunes at 75bpm

This week we've got a bonus for you. This is the third in the series, which I'm putting together to feel a bit more like playing at a real jam. That means we're playing 3 tunes back to back instead of focussing on just one.

This week's tunes are:

  1. Big Sciota in G (starts at 0:40)
  2. Arkansas Traveler in D (starts at 7:53)
  3. Bill Cheatham in A (starts at 15:14)

We're taking it steady at 75bpm and each tune follows our regular 'jam along' format. That means I play backup and you play lead, then we swap, then we repeat the whole thing another 3 times. The whole jam lasts around 25 minutes.

If you want chord charts for these tunes,  head to bluegrassjamalong.com, where you'll also find details of how to get in touch. I'd love to hear any feedback on these mini jams so do let me know what you think.


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