18 minutes | May 2, 2018

Startup Societies and Experimentation in Governance: Joseph McKinney - Episode 10

Description The guest of this podcast is Joseph McKinney, CEO of the Startup Societies Foundation and Nuhanse Network. In this insightful podcast, Joe explains what a startup society is and why it is so important to create localized experiments of governance, and how can exiting make a society more robust. Joe will take you through a journey of some of the startup societies that currently exist, such as Shenzen and Singapore. He also speaks about the town where he grew up, Celebration, Florida. In this conversation you will learn about the future of nation-states, new urbamism and will even have the chance to hear about Asgardia and space colonization. The Startup Societies Foundation is a strategic partner of Blue Frontiers.    –––VARYON PRESALE––– https://www.blue-frontiers.com/en/varyon   –––JOIN US ON TELEGRAM––– T.me/bluefrontierscommunity   Timestamps: 0:40 Introduction 1:10 Joe’s version of utopia 1:56 What is a startup society 2:30 The role of exit in liberty 3:00 Anarcho-capitalism 4:00 Relation between startup society and micronations 4:39 Asgardia and space colonization 6:00  Joe’s ideal startup society 6:45 Celebration, Florida 8:20 New Urbanism 10:15 Shenzen and Singapore 10:40 The special sauce of Startup Societies 11:45 The future with startup societies and blockchain 13:40 The future of nation-states 15:40 Green cities and sustainable seasteads –––––SUBSCRIBE–––––iTunes: https://apple.co/2DD5f4uStitcher: http://bit.ly/2DwaIuK –––––LEARN MORE–––––https://www.blue-frontiers.comhttps://twitter.com/bluefrontiershttps://www.instagram.com/bluefrontiers/https://www.facebook.com/Blue-Frontiers-255004088265639/
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