35 minutes | Oct 4, 2020

The Process of Healing & Doing What You Love with Graphic Designer Pip Howard

Welcome to Episode 4 of Blossom For Each Day Podcast: The Process of Healing & Doing What You Love with Graphic Designer Pip Howard.

Pip Howards’ career has passed over 15 years, working with brands like, Dunmore Farm, Kate James, Apiary Made, The Wine Farm & Tamsin's Table. Pip is an established Graphic Designer & Illustrator, who creates organic and timeless designs for sustainable and ethical businesses Australia wide.

Pip & I connected in 2016, there was an instant energy, a sense of power, yet calmness. She did my business branding soon-after, when things moved into full motion for Blossom Daisy Creative. The process was so much fun, she really understood my essence and my inner self, she translated it perfectly onto paper. Recently going through a new phase of her life, Pip & I collaborated and I photographed portraits of her on the beach. The idea she posed to me, was her ‘Rebirth’, and I am excited to chat more about it all in this episode!

In our conversation we discuss...

  • How she found her passion in the creative arts
  • How she has used her experiences to create positivity and attract the perfect people & clients into her life
  • Her mantra: always be willing to learn and have a students’ eye
  • Exciting projects she is currently working on
  • & so much more!

Head over to https://www.blossomdaisycreative.com/4/ for all the show notes. 
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