41 minutes | Oct 25, 2020

Happy Collective: a Brand by Women for Women, with Co-Founder Julia Marget

Welcome to Episode 7 of Blossom For Each Day Podcast, with Co-Founder Julia Marget of Happy Collective! Happy Collective was founded by three friends, Emma, Julia & Anthea, Emma & Anthea gained an opportunity to exclusively stock a product on their already established and hugely successful Beauty Empire Osmosis, so when they realised this was something they couldn’t let go of, the product gave the girls the ammunition they needed to launch Happy Collective! An idea that had been bubbling away in the background but needed Julia to come to the party and help bring it to life. Happy Collective is a platform designed by women, for women, it is a chance to discuss topics that are taboo, and create a space for women to engage and thrive together. Launching just last month, Happy Collective has already made such a positive impact with their first line of products ‘The Smile Makers’. Recently being featured on Broadsheet, and with epic branding by Dot Dot Dash, there truly is nothing to stop them becoming an influential community brand. In my conversation with Julia, we discuss the details of the launch of Happy Collective, as well as their plans for the company in the future. Their vision to create a positive, fun and thriving environment for women to connect and feel safe about their sexuality, sensuality and feminine power.     In our conversation we discuss... How Happy Collective came to fruition for Julia, Anthea & Emma! The exciting product range distributed on Happy Collective, 'The Smile Makers' Why they decided to launch a business during COVID-19  The key principles and purpose behind Happy Collective Influencing the taboo topic of self pleasure & making it something that is empowering for women Happy Collective Quiz! Their vision for the future & so much more! Episodes are uploaded every Monday. If you liked listening, please rate & review the podcast on Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast provider. I am so grateful for your support.   Discussion Links: Happy Collective WebsiteHappy Collective InstagramHappy Collective PodcastOsmosis BeautyThe Smile Makers RangeDot Dot DashGoop You can find me on:Instagram @blossomdaisycreativeFacebook Blossom Daisy CreativeWebsite blossomdaisycreative.com If you liked listening, please rate & review my podcast on Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast provider. Produced by Blossom Daisy Creative Pty Ltd
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