71 minutes | Dec 11, 2018

BST 2x12: If These Walls Could Talk (featuring Dan Rusanowsky)

This week is a very special episode. We host Sharks radio broadcaster Dan Rusanowsky to talk about his new book If These Walls Could Talk: San Jose Sharks. Dan talks us through several of the stories featured in the book, as well as his broadcaster career and the history of the Sharks for an incredible insider look at the team. Fear the Fin readers and listeners of Blood, Sweat, & Teal can get an exclusive 30% discount on If These Walls Could Talk by using the coupon code FEARTHEFIN through the Triumph Books website. Following the interview, it’s business as usual, with one small caveat: Sie’s audio got goofed up. Apologies for that. Also this is episode 12. Episode 11 is coming out of order — we told y’all things would get weird around the holidays. For the as mentioned in this episode, visit Fear the Fin.
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