22 minutes | Mar 9th 2021

Tips Tuesday – WP 5.7 Tour, Links SEO Workshop, W3TC Testing, Cumulative Layout Shift

Tips this week include: • What’s new in WordPress 5.7 video tour and post • Where to get update instructions for WP 5.7 • Links SEO workshop is this week • All the new messaging on BlogAid • Why to be careful who you hire for theme design • An update on theme testing and which ones are back on the table • A peek into the timeline for what’s coming to you this spring from BlogAid • Why I’m putting W3 Total Cache back on my case study test list • What causes 90% of Cumulative Layout Shift issues • What will happen when Google stops selling ads based on 3rd party cookie tracking • Why you need to do your own cookie tracking • The new mastermind groups coming by summer • Why you need to write like you talk on your blog posts • The online tester tool I used to check the spam score on the email I use for newsletters • How to avoid getting caught in the scam going around for domain renewals
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