26 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

Tips Tuesday – SEO Rank Tracking, Video SEO, Hack Attacks, Gutenberg Speed

Tips this week include: • DIY SEO Workshop for Tracking SEO Performance is this week • The Video SEO course creation is underway • BlogAid’s phoenix journey and the big changes I’m making and why • What hosts have to do to protect against sophisticated hack attacks and how it impacts speed • ModSecurity is blocking certain words • More Full Site Editing features are coming in WP 5.7 • The plan for Full Site Editing to be a reality by the WP 5.8 release • Why WP had to draw a line in the sand with plugins controlling their own updates • Mediavine’s take on Web Stories • How Gutenberg’s faster performance is eroding page builder dominance • Where to get real-world, up-to-date tutorials for Gutenberg
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