30 minutes | Mar 30th 2021

Tips Tuesday – Real HTTPS, SiteGround Exodus, Stolen Content, Caching Issues

Tips this week include: • Keyword SEO Part 1 Workshop this week • WP Fastest Cache has a new integration method for Cloudflare • 7 new GTMetrix tutorials for Webmasters • Theme testing update • Why not to blame Genesis for poor speed • Why there is a mass exodus from SiteGround going on now • New, better hosting update • Live session to get to the bottom of caching issues like not seeing changes in Preview • How to make it hard for scrapers to grab your content • How to find and remove stolen content • WordPress is dropping support for old Internet Explorer versions • Which is the worst browser to use for working on your site – besides IE • A primer on Full Site Editing from the man known as the spark of Gutenberg • What Chrome 90 using HTTPS as the default means for your site • Why there’s more to HTTPS than just getting that S at the end
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