23 minutes | Apr 6th 2021

Tips Tuesday – Keywords, Video Embed Speed, Gutenberg Tutorials, Super Bot Fight Mode

Tips this week include: • Keyword Part 2 Workshop is this week • New Gutenberg tutorials updated with nifty WP 5.7 features you’ll like • New Gutenberg block suite plugins I’m looking into • Update on the Video SEO course embed testing • Why my site services wait list is filling up with folks leaving SiteGround • How and why to move out of your newb mindset and into a money-making one • More on how the cyber security situation is getting worse by the day • hCaptcha vs reCAPTCHA vs CleanTalk vs Akismet for spam filtering • What the new Super Bot Fight Mode at Cloudflare is all about • How to permanently disable Full Screen editing mode in Gutenberg • What will become of Unsplash now that Getty Images has acquired them • How to optimize Ads on your site for CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) • When, and when not to purge cache on your site
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