23 minutes | Mar 16th 2021

Tips Tuesday – Image SEO, Speed Tests, Featured Snippets, Cloudflare and GSC Warnings

Tips this week include: • Part 1 of the Image SEO Workshop is this Thursday • Whether it’s safe or not to update to WP 5.7 • New Gutenberg Ninja tutorials on the way • The themes on our list for deep testing • New super deep WebPage Test and GTMetrix tutorials underway • The snag I hit in the Video SEO tutorial making • All manner of goofy stuff we’re seeing with our sites like: • Seeing the WP admin bar after we log out • Red error banner from Cloudflare • Post links changing in WP • Why I think the Bing URL Submission plugin is a good thing to use • A Google Discover Case Study that explains why we’re not getting seen in it • Proof that Google Featured Snippets dropped to record lows • The search engine me and my DIY SEO folks are paying more attention to now • What’s up with the Cloudflare email about deprecated cookies • What we’re looking into with the Search Console email about SharedArrayBuffer support
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