51 minutes | Nov 26th 2019

#11 Parts of a Whole

"From a tech perspective, we always have a choice. Do we want to go the route that will foster respect, integrity, kindness, and unity even when we differ? And there might be emotions. Allow for that space to happen and not take it and sensationalize it. And I always will choose that." —Adriana Teresa LetorneyIn this episode, I sit with Adriana Teresa Letorney, the founder and CEO of Visura. Adriana is a force of nature, and we met when we both worked at powerHouse Books.

You’ll hear us talk about diversity, media literacy, and how visual storytelling changed with the digital revolution and the economic collapse. What follows is a story about personal history and cultural heritage that continues to inform and shape everything that we do in life. This is a story about feeling vulnerable, owning it, and turning it into empowerment and a way of connecting deeply with people — both professionally and personally. This is how Visura was born.
Inside the EpisodeCheck out Visura at https://visura.coOur theme music is by Ben Tyree, and he tweets at https://twitter.com/BenTyreeFollow Blissfully Aware host Ioana Friedman at: https://twitter.com/IoanaFriedmanI want to hear your feedback. Send it to info@thedaring.co
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