35 minutes | Aug 24th 2020

From Struggling Yoga Teacher to Successful Life Coach with Tara Nolan

Are you struggling financially teaching yoga? If yes, you’re not alone. This was Tara’s situation and after 10 years working as a yoga teacher, traveling the world, she decided to uplevel her offerings and transformed into a life and business coach, selling high-ticket offers. Her goal is to guide her customers to define success on their own terms, rising with ease and flow, not stress and struggle and she dedicates her heart and soul to helping them find what they are looking for. This episode isn’t about getting rich quickly, it’s about falling in love with your life. It’s about being true to your dreams and working on making them reality. Tara shares her journey and the steps she took to transform her life, and that you can take too. There’s no excuse to not living your best life, and I hope you are as inspired by Tara’s story as I am.


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Website: https://www.transformationtara.com


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