21 minutes | Aug 4, 2019

Planes, Trains and Canes: Meet Holman Prize Winner Dr. Mona Minkara and Get Ready to Take a Ride on Her Adventures Through Public Transit

Mona Minkara’s Planes, Trains and Canes is a winning entry to the 2019 Homan Prize  sponsored by the San Fransisco Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Mona joins Jeff in the Blind Abilities studio and talks about her upcoming documentary and the adventures she will be embarking upon. Mona  shares her most recent travels that she has been doing since finishing her post-doctorate at the University of Minnesota. Mona has just  started her new position as Professor of Biology Engineering at North Eastern University in Boston 

Listen to Mona’s plans and enthusiasm as she maps out her Planes, Trains and Canes documentary. Hear her passion as she talks about her adventures. This is a documentary that was in the works as Mona has always loved to video journal her travels and now she will be able to bring us all along for the ride whether it’s on a plane, a train or her navigating by cane.

Check out Mona’s Planes, Trains and Canes Facebook Page.

Here is a short bio on Dr. Mona Minkara:

Mona Minkara double majored in Chemistry & Middle Eastern Studies at Wellesley College. After graduating, she moved to the University of Florida for her Ph.D in Theoretical Computational Chemistry. Professor J. Ilja Siepmann invited her to join his group at the University of Minnesota to research novel studies of surfactants using Monte Carlo algorithms. 


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