33 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

Habits That Could be Hurting your Blended Family

melissa@blendedfamilypodcast.com www.blendedfamilypodcast.com   Blended families are challenging! Developing some healthy habits early on can help your blended family grow in great ways. There are also some very unhealthy habits that blended families adopt that have an adverse effect on the blended family growth. Unfortunately, the unhealthy habits are often the ones that stick, and many do not realize this until excess damage has been done. In this show we will explore some of these negative habits so that you can become aware of them, and take steps to change them! Here’s what not to do! Keeping a yours vs mine mentality Using the children as messengers  Telling the kids too much  Treating the kids unfairly  Working against the other bio or stepparent Dishonesty and keeping secrets Lack of communication and or understanding one another's needs Not establishing proper structure/boundaries  Not being consistent  Connect with me Join the Private Facebook Group Connect with me on Facebook Send questions or feedback to melissa@blendedfamilypodcast.com Send me a voicemail at Speakpipe Visit the website at www.blendedfamilypodcast.com Sign up for my monthly newsletter Listen and Rate/Review on Itunes   Schedule an interview, coaching session, or financial review here Take my money quiz here to see how financially literate you are!   Affiliates Nacho Kids Program  To receive a special discount, use promo code BFP   Living the Good Life Naturally To receive discount, use promo code BLENDED                  
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