46 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

Gray Divorce, with Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg

melissa@blendedfamilypodcast.com www.blendedfamilypodcast.com   Carol Hughes, PhD, LMFT, holds her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, achieving both summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors. She is also a two-time Fulbright Scholar. Carol served for ten years as an Associate Professor of Human Services at Saddleback College. In her practice in Laguna Hills, CA, as a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and family-focused divorce professional, for more than thirty years, she has assisted hundreds of divorcing families, as a therapist, child and co-parenting specialist, divorce coach, and mediator.   Bruce Fredenburg, MS, LMFT, has been a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for more than 30 years and is Board Certified in Clinical Hypnosis. He was a college instructor in Human Services at Saddleback College and at the National Medical Review School in Southern California. He also created and taught parenting classes for adoptive and foster parents. He is trained and experienced in chronic pain management, trauma, addictions, mediation, and collaborative divorce. In his practice in Laguna Hills, CA, Bruce helps families as a therapist, divorce coach, co-parenting specialist, and mediator.   The topic of this show is Gray Divorce, or divorce that takes place after the age of 50, after the children are typically grown. In this interview we discuss   Bruce and Carols personal stories What is gray divorce, and why it's becoming more prevalent Why not many people are talking about this trend What gray divorce looks like and how it differs from earlier on divorces How adult children are affected by their parents late divorce What parents can do to make the transition easier on their adult children How a couple going through a gray divorce can move forward without fear  Their book, Home will never be the same again: a guide for adult children of gray divorce And much more!   Connect with Bruce Website (Orange County Divorce coach) Website (Psychology Today) Facebook Linkedin Instagram   Connect with Carol Website (Dr. Carol Hughes) Website (Divorce Peacemaking) Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Buy the Book HERE Connect with me Join the Private Facebook Group Connect with me on Facebook Schedule an interview or coaching session HERE Send questions or feedback to melissa@blendedfamilypodcast.com Send me a voicemail at Speakpipe Visit the website at www.blendedfamilypodcast.com Sign up for my monthly newsletter Listen and Rate/Review on Itunes   Affiliate   Living the Good Life Naturally To receive discount, use promo code BLENDED                  
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