72 minutes | Oct 15, 2019

Episode 4 w/ Jonathan Brooks (Chef/ Restaurant Owner)

In this episode of Bleedin' Out I talked to one of the most popular chefs here in Indy! From washing dishes at a local jazz club at age 14 to owning two of his own restaurants in his hometown, Brooks is definitely someone who inspires me to keep going at what I do. The best part about the way Brooks moves is how much he really cares for the food and the people he keeps around him. Some might not like him but many love him & he couldn't care less about some hate which is what I appreciate about him. Also, Jonathan's the first person I told about wanting to start this podcast so I've been really excited for this one for a while! I hope you all appreciate it as much as I do! Bleedin' Out is 4 Episodes down now, on the way to my goal of getting past the first 7 so im excited as hell! Keep commenting & liking this shit & let me know who else you'd like to hear from! Sponsors & anyone who would like to make a donation to us can hit my email at draycomccoymgmt@gmail.com or dm me on my social media! Gonna make a patreon soon for everybody that keeps telling me to. Thank you all I love you forreal! Follow Brooks at: instagram.com/thebeastgodforgot milktoothindy.com beholderindy.com Follow Drayco at: twitter.com/DraycoMcCoy instagram.com/draycomccoy babyguillotine.com Tell Somebody You Love Them Today (:
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