78 minutes | Oct 1, 2019

Episode 3 w/ John Stamps (Rapper)

In this episode of Bleedin' Out we talk to John Stamps, an Indianapolis artist whose been making music since high school with his DJ/bestfriend, making a name for himself early in his local scene! He is well known & loved in the Fountain Square area and has spent the past years showing alot of growth artistically and as a person, experimenting with different sounds and fine tuning his music with his close friends. We talk about his journey from where he started to now, and whats next to come for him! Hope yaw fuck wit it, & dont forget to check out the other 2 episodes! Got more comin very soon! & I do all the art for these by the way, I keep getting asked alot! Also, if anybody wants to sponsor this podcast, my email is draycomccoymgmt@gmail.com or dm me on my social media we can talk about it! Also, if yaw think I should make a patreon lemme kno i'll get that set up. Looking to end up with my own portable equipment & get my own place to record & film these episodes one day! Much love to all the supporters out there I love yaw forreal! Thank you! Follow Stamps at: twitter.com/iyamjohnstamps instagram.com/iyamjohnstamps iyamjohnstamps.com Follow Drayco at: twitter.com/DraycoMcCoy instagram.com/draycomccoy babyguillotine.com Tell Somebody You Love Them Today (:
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