79 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

Episode 20 w/ Sirius Blvck (Rapper)

Sirius Blvck is a phenomenal Indy artist from Gary, Indiana, who I've been working with for some years now. Since almost the beginning of my career, I've been collaborating with and learning a lot from Sirius & his friends. From their creative processes to their stage presence, these guys never cease to amaze me! Starting with his love of poetry and being in bands, Sirius has grown to be one of my favorite lyricists and I was happy to finally sit down with him & talk about his come up in this episode. Hope you all love it too, and if you havn't yet go ahead & stream his music! Follow Sirius at: twitter.com/siriusxblvck instagram.com/siriusblvck Follow Drayco at: twitter.com/DraycoMcCoy instagram.com/draycomccoy babyguillotine.com side note: this podcast was recorded and mixed by me, the cover art & the beat in the intro were also made by me! Spread Positivity, Stay Healthy, & Lastly, Tell Somebody You Love Them Today
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