78 minutes | Sep 29, 2020

Episode 14 w/ Double A (Rapper/ Clothing Store Owner)

Double A is a Indianapolis based rapper who, aside from making music, has also spent a fair amount of his time collecting vintage clothes and other things he could find while thrift shopping. After gaining a following on Instagram by showing his finds and selling them to people out of storage spaces during his college days, he eventually opened up his own store called Naptown Thrift! He's filled it with plenty of rare items he's come across and he's made a great name for himself with his awesome store and his music. During this episode we talk about how all this came about and the things he's gone through to keep his dreams alive. Tap in & check his store out if you ever get the chance! Follow Double A at: twitter.com/DoubleANaptown instagram.com/naptownthrift/ naptownthrift.com/ Follow Drayco at: twitter.com/DraycoMcCoy instagram.com/draycomccoy babyguillotine.com
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