55 minutes | Sep 15, 2020

Episode 13 w/ Eric (Fountain Square Bonsai)

Eric is a Bonsai Artist in Indy that has been making a living off of making and selling bonsai trees around the city! Hes very passionate about his plants and he takes the best care of them, while also doing live streams and workshops showing other people how to care for their bonsai trees as well. You might find him at an event with his plants showcased and for sale, you might see him walking down the street trying to transport them safely to their next destination, or you might not see him at all because he's somewhere tending to the 100s that he has. Either way Eric has made a name for himself with these potted plants and he has high hopes for the future of his business! Follow Eric at: instagram.com/fsq_bonsai facebook.com/pg/FSQBonsai Follow Drayco at: twitter.com/DraycoMcCoy instagram.com/draycomccoy babyguillotine.com & Lastly, Tell Somebody You Love Them Today
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