11 minutes | Oct 13, 2015

Patty Hearst on Reasonable Doubt *

“I‘m a coward, I didn’t want to die” – Patty Hearst in 1982, as told to Larry Grobel. Larry Grobel told us the story about a time back in the early 80s when he borrowed a swimsuit at the Playboy mansion. It seems that back then, Hugh Hefner kept spare trunks at the ready whenever his guests felt the urge to test the waters beneath the famous Grotto. The reason Larry took an impromptu plunge? He wanted to nab the first interview with the infamous Patty Hearst after she got out of prison. Was the woman who was famously kidnapped in the 1970s–and then caught on camera robbing a bank with her captors–a victim or a criminal?  Here’s the unheard audio with the famous interview Larry did for Playboy. Watch the animated version of this episode from our series with PBS Digital Studios: http://blankonblank.org/patty-hearst   Blank on Blank
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