115 minutes | Jan 6th 2017

Ep 41. Conscious Brother Beef

Most recently Dr. Umar Johnson, a well known educational psychologist, and even more known staple of the Black Conscious Community, released a half hour video rant against another black conscious associate.  What made this newsworthy is Dr. Johnson is talking completely out of character.  This "out of pocket" tirade has lots of people questioning his true nature. Also in this episode, C.I.A. exposes Russia as part of the computer hacks on the presidential election.  Rebecca Ferguson agrees to perform at Trump's Inauguration but with one stipulation.  Felony charges for Missouri school children that get into fights in school.  J-Lo versus Mary J. Blige, and finally breaking down the quick work of Ronda Rousey in her 48 second loss to Amanda Nunes.   Subscribe, Rate, and Review: Available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, and Soundcloud www.Facebook.com/BlackPodcastsMatter www.Twitter.com/Black_Podcasts https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCSQzV_SC1_qFWyE2yf2takQ  
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