88 minutes | Dec 14th 2016

Ep 40. Questions, Comments, Queries, Concerns, & Thoughts

After another hiatus, long lost original member of the show Khary finds his way back to the mic with his latest rumination.  We play an old game called male or female, guessing the guilty gender of underage school crimes.  We find out what rapper YG's song called "FDT" means.  Lots of recent Donald Trump news from the president-elect not attending the intel briefings and the Cleveland Cavaliers boycott of Trump Towers when they play in New York.  Also, we discuss the douche baggery of Dana White and his reasoning for not supporting any of the newly formed fighters unions.  We end with dumb shit with a mannequin challenge that went completely wrong.   Subscribe, Rate, & Review: Available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, & Soundcloud   www.facebook.com/blackpodcastsmatter www.twitter.com/black_podcasts https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCSQzV_SC1_qFWyE2yf2takQ   
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