108 minutes | Jul 5th 2016

Ep 29. O.J. was an A**hole

After watching the five-part documentary, "O.J.: Made in America" the Bros Fletch come to a similar conclusion... O.J. was kind of an asshole!  We fully breakdown our personal entry point to the "Trial of the Century" and discuss how O.J. was lucky to be a man of color and wealth at that particular time in L.A. Also in this episode:  Trump in hot water (AGAIN), Jay-Z in talks with Apple for the rights to Tidal, Another BPM game of "Male or Female," and much more! Thanks for listening. Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes Podcasts. Favorite on Stitcher Radio. Visit us:  https://www.blackpodcastsmatter.com https://www.twitter.com/black_podcasts  
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