68 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

S5 Ep136: The Tyranny of Memorializing Racist History In School Names: Fighting For Liberation And Black Joy With Young Activist And Scholar Mya Berry

Dr. Alex Gee has a conversation about pushing back against the legacy of white supremacy still holding on in our institutions with Mya Berry, a college student advocating for racial justice in Wisconsin. Mya Berry has called for changing the name of her former high school because of the memorializing of a slaveholder. Their conversation covers navigating white educational space, refusing to address racist history, and the perpetuation of racial disparities by educators. We must acknowledge how history manifests itself in our present institutions and the impact on new generations of people of color. Mya Berry Go Fund Me: Support Mya Berry in her Harvard education High School Name Change Article Read more about Mya Berry's efforts alexgee.com patreon.com/blacklikeme
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