67 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

35. Dr. Sarah Webb on Healing from Colorism

Dr. Sarah L. Webb launched the global initiative Colorism Healing in 2013 to raise awareness and foster individual and collective healing through creative and critical work.   Dr. Webb’s myriad efforts to address colorism include designing a course on global colorism at UIS, hosting an international writing contest, publishing books, consulting, speaking, leading workshops on colorism, and mentoring youth and students across the world from Sacramento, California to Sydney, Australia.   Dr. Webb is an Assistant Professor in the department of English and Modern Languages at the University of Illinois Springfield where she teaches creative writing, literature, and cultural studies.     In this gathering Sarah shares her wisdom on: Recognizing and healing the roots of colorism. How colorism affects every aspect of our lives, including dating, family + friendships. The pervasive conditioning that normalizes colorism. Conscious and unconscious effects of colorism on our mental + physical health. How colorism shows up differently in different communities. Healing and repairing trust within the context of colorism. And so much more! Find Sarah online: colorismhealing.com instagram.com/colorismhealing   If you loved this episode, send me a DM on Instagram at @lerinalta with your favorite parts of the conversation because I’d love to hear from you! Contribute to Black Girl Mystic Podcast Portal:​ Patreon — Become a monthly patron + join the Black Girl Mystic Inner Circle starting at just $1/month! patreon.com/blackgirlmystic. PayPal — Make a one-time donation paypal.me/blackgirlmystic, Venmo: lerin-alta Connect on the socials:​ Join The Modern Mystic Movement for Revolutionary Leaders — facebook.com/groups/modernmysticmovement IG — instagram.com/lerinalta #blackgirlmystic Please subscribe, rate + leave a 5-star review 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  if you enjoy the show!    
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