57 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

34. Aramis Hamer on the Life-Changing Power of Courage and Faith

Aramis O. Hamer is a visual artist and muralist whose work is inspired by the cosmos, music, nature, divine femininity, and the complexities throughout the Black culture.   From a very young age she always loved to create, but at the age of fifteen she discovered her love for acrylic paints. With the supportive art community in the Pacific Northwest, Aramis has been able to exhibit her colorful creations at many different exhibitions in the greater Seattle area- including the MoPop Museum, Paramount Theater, Martyr Sauce Gallery, Columbia City Gallery, and more.   As a self-taught artist, Aramis lets the pull of her imagination be her guide. Her adventure is just beginning, and she invites others to join her on this journey.   In this gathering, Aramis shares her wisdom about:   Creating healthy, flexible boundaries while healing old family dynamics.   The gifts of observation, self-reflection + self-awareness.   Moving from an artistic hobbyist to full-time professional artist.<:   Her intentional journey to becoming an icon.   Optimizing the genius matrix of the internet for business + beyond.   Embodying faith the size of a watermelon seed.   And so much more! Find Aramis online: www.aohamer.com www.instagram.com/aohamer youtube.com/msahamer   If you loved this episode, send me a DM on Instagram at @lerinalta with your favorite parts of the conversation because I’d love to hear from you! Contribute to Black Girl Mystic Podcast Portal: Patreon — Become a monthly patron + join the Black Girl Mystic Inner Circle starting at just $1/month! patreon.com/blackgirlmystic. PayPal — Make a one-time donation paypal.me/blackgirlmystic Venmo: lerin-alta Connect on the socials: YouTube — Black Girl Mystic IG — Black Girl Mystic #blackgirlmystic FB — Black Girl Mystic Twitter — lerin Please subscribe, rate + leave a 5-star review 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  if you enjoy the show!
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