49 minutes | Mar 25, 2021

31. Timeline Jumping and Creating New Realities with Pea the Feary

Pea the Feary is an Afrofuturist and Seer whose work is about possibility, potential and realization. Pea believes the possibilities of what the universe can provide are endless and all within reach because we are already connected to everything. The same particles that make up the stars in the sky and water in the ocean are in all of us. All that matters is how those particles are arranged. Pea is on a journey expanding deeper into love noting, " If I am of service to you during this journey that is beautiful but I do not live to serve others. It just so happens the more love I allow the more I am moved to share love’s messages." In this gathering, Pea shares her wisdom about:   Being an Afro-futurist, fantasy, spiritualist artist   How she created the Impala Mystic skateboard   Her process for telling reality what she wants and then receiving it   Dissolving her current timeline + inviting in the reality she desires   Sitting in the void with rebirth and wonder   How she uses human design as a tool to guide her through life Find Pea online: peathefeary.com @peathefeary[instagram]   Resources mentioned in this gathering: Impala Mystic skateboard  geneticmatrix.com, myhumandesign.com Human Design by Chetan Parkyn jovianarchive.com   If you loved this episode, send me a DM on Instagram at @lerinalta with your favorite parts of the conversation because I’d love to hear from you! Contribute to Black Girl Mystic Podcast Portal:​ Patreon — Become a monthly patron + join the Black Girl Mystic Inner Circle starting at just $1/month! patreon.com/blackgirlmystic. PayPal — Make a one-time donation paypal.me/blackgirlmystic Venmo: lerin-alta Connect on the socials:​ YouTube — Black Girl Mystic IG — Black Girl Mystic #blackgirlmystic FB — Black Girl Mystic Twitter — lerin Please subscribe, rate + leave a 5-star review 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  if you enjoy the show!
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