43 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

199: How To Be Consistent with Gods Plan For Your Life

About this episode: In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about how to be consistent with God’s plan for your life.

Time Stamps:8:43: When you’re doing something in faith, it is not going to seem feasible to you.10:34: Put yourself in the mindset that it’s above you.11:03: It’s our position as believers to have peace that the “how” we’re going to get there isn’t our responsibility. Our position is to abide in God as He abides in us, and expect to bear much fruit.23:30: Understand that the establishing of the plans is God’s job.28:45: This first step in being more consistent is to put ourselves in the mindset of what God’s word says. Church Announcements:Not in a position to write down all of the scriptures mentioned in this episode? Download the list for you to reference daily: https://blessed-bossed-up.ck.page/bc8915fc73