52 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

Was This Crash on Purpose?

A Boeing 737 suddenley dives to the ground while flying over Indonesia. SilkAir Flight 185 was operating normally when Air Traffic Control notices a severe loss of altitude from the plane on their radar. Some investigators conclude they could not find a reason for the crash, but others think the crash was intentional. What happened to this flight? Find out on this episode of Black Box Down.Sponsored by Raycon (http://buyraycon.com/blackboxdown) The Jordan Harbinger Show (http://jordanharbinger.com/start) and HelloFresh (http://hellofreshcom/blackboxdown14 and use code blackboxdown14)Find us on social media and buy our merch here! https://linktr.ee/BlackBoxDownPodBlack Box Down Crash Simulator: https://roosterteeth.com/watch/black-box-down-1Tales From The Stinky Dragon: https://link.chtbl.com/stinkydragon
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