2 minutes | Jan 28th 2019

The Introduction to Biznecdote

Hi, I’m Mike Moore the host and creator of the Biznecdote podcast and I just wanted to give you some context on why I started it and what I hope to achieve. First for those who don’t know me, I’m a product marketer by trade and one of my favorite parts of product marketing is listening, learning and synthesizing information from the people I work with to help better inform marketing materials, go-to-market efforts, sales enablement, positioning and generally speaking help build solutions to problems. As a result I spend a LOT of time talking to different marketing, sales, and product professionals, but I wanted to share the experience so a wider audience could learn and enjoy some of these stories. That’s why I created the Biznecdote podcast. Biznecdote is simply Business plus Anecdotes (really stories) of the sales, marketing, and product professionals driving success in their various fields and how they got there. I hope you enjoy the podcast and subscribe at B-I-Z – N-E-C – D-O-T-E .com and PLEASE share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions for topics to cover and interesting people to talk to for future episodes.
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