62 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

438: [success] How She Specialized Her Consulting Practice with Ericka Aguilar

Ericka Aguilar has a successful consulting practice working with Dentists, but was getting burnt out with the one-on-one work and year-long consulting gigs. She loved her clients but the business she built was not something that could grow beyond her.

Ericka reached out to me for help and we worked together in a VIP Day and made some huge changes to her business.

Today, three months after our session, Ericka shares what has happened since we worked together and how she is now leading a scalable company that no longer rests only on her shoulders.

She also is getting more qualified referrals and incredible opportunities since specializing.

Ericka’s journey through entrepreneurship will inspire you no matter where you are in your business and if you need to specialize more in your business, it just might give you the confidence to take the next step in that direction.

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