4 minutes | May 28, 2019

Governance and Technology - Digital Transformation - e government, e governance

Let's talk about GOVERNANCE 🏛️ ❓ How do we deal with large tech companies acquiring monopolies? - Think you own your phone? Try making your own modifications to it ... Apple will shut it down. It didn't used to be that way. If I wanted to put a Ferrari engine in my Honda Civic, no one would stop me. ❓ How can our traditional institutions of governance adapt to be sufficiently responsive to the rate of technological change? - Did you watch congress question Mark Zuckerberg? See ANY rules governing the development of AI? We can already conceive a human in a lab ... what happens when we can grow a person in a lab too? ❓ What if the solutions to question 2 rest with the companies of question 1 ... Now what? Please share your thoughts below.... #government #monopoly #digital #digitalmarketing CONVERSATION CAN BE FOUND HERE: Great contribution so far from Ariel Margolis - Founder of E-learning Solved "With great power comes great responsibility." - Uncle Ben (Spiderman). We create. We use those creations for good... or bad. Government has to allow creativity while protecting us. More importantly is teaching others to be responsible. YT's algorithm picks up AC/DC's music because it can't distinguish between good and bad. This is why we need people... not machines... making decisions that involve judgement. --- ignore but you google Claessens and Djankov, 1999), forcing local firms to restructure especially on corporate governance and technology faster (Yudaeva et al. Corporate Governance and Technology Innovation. And initiatives on a wide range of issues including good governance and technology, which he said are vital for sustainable development. Travel nationally and internationally speaking on Building Capacity in Good Governance and Technology. Network alignment is suggested as a means for bringing about the coevolution of governance and technology in development processes. The interdependencies between politics, governance and technology have created a 'virtual state'. More classical concern for IT executives that has been on their agenda for many years is the constant challenge of aligning business and IT”. Aligning business and IT is a serious goal for modern organizations. What does technology governance mean? Technology governance and digital transformation (ma). Improving governance through data & technology | rwitwika bhattacharya | tedxgitamuniversity. What does technology governance mean? Information and technology governance is a subset discipline of corporate governance focused on information and technology and its performance and risk management.
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