15 minutes | Sep 18th 2019

Bite On This - Chutney

‘Pachadi’ in Telugu, ‘chutney’ in Hindi, ‘dip’ or ‘sauce’ in the Queen’s English, few Indians can resist a freshly ground condiment.  Episode 3 of Bite On This is about ‘chutney’, an almost mandatory accompaniment to most South Indian meals. Aparna Parinam has authored the book, 'Chutneys: Adding Spice to Your Life', which features as many as 50 recipes of different kinds of chutneys! "They add zing to life!" she says. Bengalurean Shyamala ticks off different kinds of chutneys, saying that they can be ready in ten minutes or so. Don't agree? We wouldn't blame you because it wasn't always so easy. Most of us still have and know of grandmothers who insist on using the mortar and pestle to pound different masalas to make their famous chutneys. The introduction of the Sumeet electric mixer grinder, one that could stand the vigours of Indian grinding, was a game-changer. Spicy, sour, tangy and sweet, the different flavours of chutneys burst in your mouth—and perk up your everyday meal. And they last long, if appropriately refrigerated.  'If' being the focus keyword. Listen to Aakarsh Amnur, an architect and urban management professional who's working towards an affordable and sustainable cooling solution for street food vendors, because the chutney is what makes all the difference! All these solutions for a nation that loves its chutneys, that was even invaded for its spices!
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