20 minutes | Sep 11, 2019

Bite On This - Biryani

Biryani for breakfast? Potatoes in your Biryani? Veg Biryani? There's a biryani for everyone in episode 2 of 'Bite On This'! You'll hear from Ali Hemati, the current Chairman of Paradise Biryani, who tells us how a humble cafe in Secunderabad became a global brand. The original Paradise Cafe was opened on the day that he was born! Food blogger Kalyan Karmakar talks about how food evokes sentiments and biryani is one such dish with renditions in ever region of the country. He says it's natural for people to feel strongly about their favourite biryani, which is, most often, the one that they grew up eating. There's no need to dismiss any biryani, although a bit of debate makes it interesting, he insists, saying , "Biryani is always Hyderabadi biryani," even though his favourite is the Bengali-Awadhi variety. Ganesh Bagler, professor and scientist at the Centre for Computational Biology, IIIT Delhi, says that although biryani is not historically 'Indian', it is as Indian as it gets. Mohammad Aashiq tells us two new entrants on the biryani sphere--'khiji' and 'bamboo'--and that they are healthier than other variations of the dish! Featured also is Ahmed Shariff, a Bengaluru-based comedian who created the 'Biryani Anthem', a parody of Ed Sheeran's popular song, 'Shape Of You'! Check out the episode to hear from all of them!
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