8 minutes | Jun 5, 2021

“We’re all going to die.” : The Bitcoin.com Weekly Update

Listen to the latest Bitcoin.com Weekly Update where we touch on billionaire Stan Druckenmiller’s feelings on Ethereum, multiple banks unveiling their latest crypto policies, a British multinational banking firm launching an exchange, and more. Chinese economist: 'We're all going to die, this is not a joke'   Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller won't long or short DOGE, skeptical of ETH   Western banks unveil their cryptocurrency policies   Standard chartered bank launching cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage   Links:   (this week’s most popular) Chinese Economist Says if Bitcoin Is Widely Adopted: 'We're All Going to Die, This Is Not a Joke' https://news.bitcoin.com/chinese-economist-if-bitcoin-is-widely-adopted-were-all-going-to-die-this-is-not-a-joke/   Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller on Dogecoin, Ethereum: Won't Long or Short DOGE, Skeptical of ETH https://news.bitcoin.com/stan-druckenmiller-dogecoin-ethereum-wont-long-short-doge-skeptical-eth/   Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo Unveil Their Cryptocurrency Policies https://news.bitcoin.com/bank-of-america-citigroup-wells-fargo-cryptocurrency/   Standard Chartered Bank Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange and Brokerage https://news.bitcoin.com/standard-chartered-bank-cryptocurrency-exchange-brokerage/
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