7 minutes | Mar 27th 2021

Mainstream adoption of Bitcoin soaring : The Bitcoin.com Weekly Update

Listen to the latest Bitcoin.com Weekly Update where we touch on the latest update in John McAfee’s ‘crypto fraud’ trial, NFT criticism heightening, privacy concerns with the digital yuan, and more. Mainstream adoption of Bitcoin growing   John McAfee's bodyguard pleads not guilty in $13M crypto fraud case   Skeptic claims NFTs will be 'broken in a decade' Deutsche Bank: Bitcoin is too important to ignore   Digital Yuan will lack anonymity    Links: Main story: Mainstream Adoption of Bitcoin Growing (examples: Visa, Paypal, Tesla, Xbox, Morgan Stanley) https://news.bitcoin.com/microsoft-is-surveying-its-xbox-users-about-adding-a-bitcoin-payment-option-to-the-store/ https://news.bitcoin.com/tesla-accepting-bitcoin-elon-musk-btc-payments/ https://news.bitcoin.com/visa-cryptocurrency-extremely-mainstream-bitcoin-use-70-million-stores/ https://news.bitcoin.com/morgan-stanley-bitcoin-funds/   John McAfee's Bodyguard Pleads Not Guilty in the $13M Crypto Fraud Case https://news.bitcoin.com/john-mcafees-bodyguard-pleads-not-guilty-in-the-13m-crypto-fraud-case/ NFT Criticism Heightens: Skeptic Calls Tech a 'House of Cards,' Claims NFTs Will be 'Broken in a Decade' https://news.bitcoin.com/nft-criticism-heightens-skeptic-calls-tech-a-house-of-cards-claims-nfts-will-be-broken-in-a-decade/   Deutsche Bank: Bitcoin Now 3rd Largest Currency, Too Important to Ignore https://news.bitcoin.com/deutsche-bank-bitcoin-3rd-largest-currency-too-important-to-ignore/   Digital Yuan Won't Be Fully Anonymous but Offers 'Controllable' Privacy Protection, Says Official https://news.bitcoin.com/digital-yuan-wont-be-fully-anonymous-but-offers-controllable-privacy-protection-says-official/
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