6 minutes | May 15, 2021

Bitcoin's image problem : The Bitcoin.com Weekly Update

Listen to the latest Bitcoin.com Weekly Update where we touch on Elon Musk’s decision to have Tesla freeze Bitcoin payments, the Miami Mayor buying Bitcoin, a new way to buy and sell Bitcoin at over 12,000 locations, and more.   Citing environmental issues, Tesla suspends accepting Bitcoin   New SEC chairman unveils policies for cryptocurrencies   Joe Biden's stimulus pushes Miami Mayor to buy Bitcoin   Moneygram lets customers buy and sell Bitcoin with cash at 12,000 locations   Links: Main Story: Elon Musk Announces Tesla Has Suspended Accepting Bitcoin Citing Environmental Issues https://news.bitcoin.com/elon-musk-tesla-suspended-accepting-bitcoin-environmental-issues/   New SEC Chairman Unveils Policies for Cryptocurrencies, Calls Bitcoin 'Scarce Store of Value' https://news.bitcoin.com/new-sec-chairman-policies-cryptocurrencies-bitcoin-scarce-store-of-value/   Joe Biden's Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Bill Pushes Miami Mayor to Buy Bitcoin https://news.bitcoin.com/joe-bidens-trillion-dollar-stimulus-bill-miami-mayor-buy-bitcoin/   Moneygram Lets Customers Buy and Sell Bitcoin With Cash at 12,000 Locations https://news.bitcoin.com/moneygram-buy-sell-bitcoin-with-cash-12000-locations/  
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