42 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

Basic Bitch - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Lewis, Herman Cain, and COVID-19

Hello there! In our last Basic, we neglected to talk about all the news that happened while Erin was road trippin' and the rest of the team took some time off.

In this episode, we catch up on AOC's thoughtful retort to Rep. Yoho non-apology (about calling her a fucking bitch!) on the House Floor, John Lewis's death, Emmy nominations, Biden's VP decision - (because who  remembers Hillary's VP pick?! )- it's an important decision now more than ever. We also talk about Herman Cain passing away from COVID as well as another death from COVID that hits a bit more closer to home for us.  Thanks for listening. 

Be well, stay safe, and thank you for wearing a mask .

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