70 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

Introducing: The Deep Dive w/ Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael

Bitch Sesh is dark this week, but you're in for a treat! We're giving you the first episode of Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael's new podcast, The Deep Dive with special guest, Casey Wilson. Each week, Jessica and June ‘deep dive’ into a wide range of topics such as, motherhood and family, feminism, Meghan Markle, sh*t they put on their faces, and whether or not to buy a crystal because it’s on sale. The Deep Dive captures two friends trying to survive adult womanhood. Subscribe to The Deep Dive now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen!    You can find Casey's book, The Wreckage Of My Presence here:  https://www.harpercollins.com/products/the-wreckage-of-my-presence-casey-wilson?variant=32258231664674   Book Sesh Live tickets for 4/29 can be found here https://www.events.loopedlive.com/bitchsesh   You can follow The Deep Dive on Twitter @thedeepdivepod  June Diane Raphael @MsJuneDiane on Twitter @junediane on Instagram Jessica St. Clair @Jessica_StClair on Twitter @stclairjessica on Instagram Check out the Jane Club at www.janeclub.com 
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