22 minutes | Oct 19th 2014

Ghosts of the Biltmore

With Halloween creeping around the corner, we check in with the ghosts up on the 13th floor of the Biltmore Hotel. Strange happenings have long been whispered about in that historic hotel. Founded in 1926, the building was converted into a military hospital at the outset of World War II before sitting abandoned for fifteen years. Long-passed mobsters and wounded veterans are said to still wander its haunted hallways. Our guide to the Biltmore is Linda Spitzer, once its official storyteller (yes, that's a thing) and still its unofficial cryptkeeper. Monthly crowds once packed the hotel lobby to hear Linda, a professional storyteller for over 25 years, speak of its paranormal past. She shares with us the stories behind the ghosts she met and the stories she heard during her time there. Happy Halloween.
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