45 minutes | Sep 24, 2019

Exploring Identity Through Art

This week we chat with artist, arts organizer, and lovely biracial unicorn Helen Atkins. You can find more information about her on her website or on instagram @helenjuliet_art and @platesagainstpatriarchy.

In this episode we discuss matters of art and race. Our talented guest Helen Atkins opens up about how her mixed heritage impacts her artwork.

We asked questions ranging from, _what are you?, is art on the “white list”?, to what artists of color should we be looking out for? _

We also spend sometime hearing about the collaborative art project of Plates Against Patriarchy, an artistic and visual response to the 2016 election. Here Atkins shares her feelings of being a women of mixed race (and daughter to an immigrant) and how those feelings manifested into this unique project. We here at Biracial Unicorns encourage (those who are able) to check out their exhibit (see above for details). Thank you so much to Helen Atkins for her time and sharing her experiences with us, we had a blast!

We end with sharing our Happy Place(s) with Helen!

More information about Helen's artistic influences: Genevieve Gaignard and Andres Serrano can be found at their respective websites.

Thanks to Josef Scott of Citizens of Tape City for our theme music and Dollipop Art for our podcast artwork - you can find her on instagram @dollipop.art.

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