54 minutes | Apr 3, 2019

Why Breathing Exercises Are Important • Niraj Naik

A qualified ‘renegade’ pharmacist and holistic wellness expert, Niraj Naik, is today’s guest interview. Niraj shares how breathwork training can change your physiology to help healing and promote health. He helps explain the science behind why it is important to regulate the amount of oxygen we take in with breathing exercises. We then find out about how the oxidative stress that results in our bodies from over-breathing results in disease and what triggers this response. We also go into discussing stopping the need for medication, different breathing techniques, improving our efficiency at using oxygen, hyperbaric oxygen chambers vs intermittent hypoxia, anxiety and stress management and benefits for asthma. Go to the show notes for episode 87 at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep87-niraj-naik/ for more links & highlights.

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